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"Everything you NEED to know about me is contained in the Demo. It's my resume', my audition, my "been there, done that."  But in case you WANT to know more, here's the thumbnail:  Worked live sound in clubs (1082 BROADWAY, Cricket on the Hill) for 15 years. For the last 10  I've sharpened my studio chops at Big Ears.  My recording philosophy: Though a great recording is important. it's not as important as 1. the Song and 2. the Performance.  My job is to help the players relax and play unconscious, like it's Friday night in front of their friends.  Once we get that performance,  I bring the spit and shine."


Ron Blair - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Colin Stranahan - Dave Brubeck and Thelonoious Monk Institute

Josh Joplin - Josh Joplin Group [Artemis Records]

John Nathan - Colorado Country  Songwriter of the Year


Plastic Parachute

Sandy & the Smackers

The Woodies

Eric Schneider

Alana Chirino


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